Incoming Student Mobility

Odsjek za engleski jezik i književnost



Dear Prospective Incoming Students, 

Thank you for your interest in studying at the Department of English of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Osijek). On this site we have put together some basic information to help you prepare for your stay at our Department.


The site includes: 

  • The Department Course Catalogue, which lists all courses (1st and 2nd cycle) offered to incoming (international) students.

  • Contact details for the Department ECTS Coordinator. The ECTS Coordinator is the Department program advisor – a member of the Department teaching staff who will assist you in designing your learning agreement and any subsequent amendments to the learning agreement that become necessary (Note: if you arrive under the Erasmus+ or Ceepus mobility scheme, your learning agreements and their changes will need to be initialed by the ECTS Coordinator(s) first, and then signed by our Academic Erasmus Coordinator and Ceepus Coordinator, respectively).

  • Contact details for the Department Student Advisors (SAs). Student Advisors (SAs) serve as peer mentors to our incoming students. They will aid you in technical matters during initial orientation (e.g. registering for a Moodle account, student card (“X-card”), give you a tour of the Faculty building (esp. the Office for Student Affairs, the library, etc.) The Department ECTS Coordinator and the Student Advisor will schedule a short meeting with you upon your arrival. This meeting will be a perfect opportunity for you to ask any remaining questions and for the ECTS Coordinator to acquaint you with our academic policies and requirements.

  • Contact details for all Teaching Staff (name, email, office, phone, office hours)