Gostujuće predavanje-Matthew R. Lee

Gostujuće predavanje

30. listopada 2017

u 14,00 sati

Svečana dvorana Filozofskog fakulteta



Matthew R Lee, Ph.D., James Madison University, Department of Psychology

Tema predavanja

  1. Antisocial behavior in children (14,00 sati)
  2. University Life in the USA: Challenges and Successes of Being an International Student (15,00 sati)


In the first lecture, Dr Lee will discuss problems with antisocial behavior in children, as well as treatment options in institutional as well as outpatient settings.

In the second lecture, Dr Lee will discuss the process of becoming an international university student in the US, as well as some challenges of the campus experience for international students adjusting to a new system.  Dr Lee will also present some of his research on this topic of campus climate and how it relates to international students' well-being.


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