Asis&t european workshop

Odsjek za informacijske znanosti

ASIS&T European Workshop


The third ASIS&T European Workshop was held at Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Osijek, Croatia, 22-23 May 2015. The workshop is organised by the Department of Information sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in association with the European Chapter of ASIS&T.

ASIS&T European Workshop is a general information science and technology conference with an aim of bringing together European based scholars and practitioners of information science in order to discuss current developments and European perspectives of information science research and practice. The general theme of the conference is "Information, Technology and the User" Specific topics:

  • Data, information, knowledge: same or different concepts?
  • The philosophy of information: new (inter)discipline
  • Towards general theory of information (GTI): or, do we already have one?
  • Objective vs. subjective information
  • Human-technology interaction
  • Technology, knowledge and society
  • Free and open technologies for free and open society: free and open source software, open standards and open access in information institutions
  • Digital technologies and the rise of the do it yourself (DIY) culture
  • Creative Commons and cultural production
  • Cyberspace and digital identities
  • Internet as a powerful tool for social changes
  • Internet and creative production