About us

The Center for Internet and Society was founded in 2019, and its basic mission is to enable quality interdisciplinary research into the social effects of the Internet as a new medium and to promote the Faculty of Humanties and Social Sciences Osijek as a place of scientific excellence in this research field. Among other things, the Center deals with issues of educational effects of the Internet, teaching in the new digital environment, changes in media, publishing and journalism in the digital age, digital pluralism, identities in virtual space and Internet social networking sites, online political participation and civic engagement, innovative digital methods in the social sciences and humanities and large-scale data management, risky behaviors in the digital world, especially excessive gaming, (peer) violence over the Internet, sexting, excessive use of the Internet, hate speech… ), the impact of new communication technologies on migration processes, the effect of the Internet on the public perception of science and technology and other issues of social impact of the Internet.



Dr. Boris Badurina, Associate Professor (Deputy Head of the Center)

Dr. Marija Milić, Assistant Professor

Juraj Jurlina, teaching assistant

Dr.  Željko Pavić, Associate Professor (Head of the Center)

Dr. Daniela Šincek, Associate Professor



Marina Kotrla Topić (Ivo Pilar Institute for Social Research – Osijek branch)

Tomislav Levak, Assistant (Academy of Arts and Culture)

Goran Livazović (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Osijek)

Marija Milić (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Osijek)

Ivan Miškulin (Faculty of Medicine Osijek)

Maja Miškulin (Faculty of Medicine Osijek)

Tena Velki (Faculty of Education)

Željko Rakošec (Ministry of the Interior)

Krešimir Šolić (Faculty of Medicine in Osijek)

Lucija Vejmelka (Study Center for Social Work, Faculty of Law in Zagreb)


Head of the Center: Associate Professor dr. sc. Željko Pavić (zpavic@ffos.hr)