Članstvo / Membership

The members of Centre for Popular Culture are researchers in different stages of their academic career from various international institutions, all with a shared interest in the phenomena of popular culture in its widest sense. If you wish to become a member of the Centre for Popular Culture, fill out the application form available here: https://www.ffos.unios.hr/znanstveni-portal/centri/centar-za-popularnu-kulturu/pristupnica-join-us/


Babić, Snježana (University of Osijek)

Brlek, Tomislav (University of Zagreb)

Byers, Tom (University of Louisville, Prof. Emeritus)

Domjanović, Vedran (University of Osijek)

Duarte, José (University of Lisbon)

Elliott, Kamilla (University of Lancaster)

Filipović, Sergej (University of Osijek)

Gilić, Nikica (University of Zagreb)

Grdešić, Maša (University of Zagreb)

Jelaš, Danijel (University of Osijek)

Lukić, Marko (University of Zadar)

Markasović, Valentina (University of Osijek)

Marques, Diana (University of Lisbon)

Martins, Ana Rita (University of Lisbon)

Matek, Ljubica (University of Osijek)

Mendez-Garcia, Carmen M. (Complutense University in Madrid)

Moser, Marcel (University of Osijek)

Musap, Emilia (University of Zadar)

Oklopčić, Biljana (University of Osijek)

Pataki Šumiga, Jelena (University of Osijek)

Pejić, Luka (University of Osijek)

Periš, Lucija (University of Osijek)

Polak, Iva (University of Zagreb)

Polić Jurković, Vanja (University of Zagreb)

Poljak Rehlicki, Jasna (University of Osijek)

Prtenjača, Zvonimir (University of Osijek)

Romić, Iva (University of Osijek)

Sekulić, Damir (University of Osijek)

Spooner, Catherine (University of Lancaster)

Šesnić, Jelena (University of Zagreb)

Turkalj Podmanicki, Margareta (University of Osijek)

Vidić, Adrijana (University of Zadar)