Summer school of the CEEPUS network “Philosophy and Interdisciplinarity“

The CEEPUS network “Philosophy and Interdisciplinarity“, which encompasses 27 institutions in 14 European countries, organizes summer schools biannually. Since the network is devoted to fostering interdisciplinary research on a broad philosophical basis, its summer schools aim to tackle a rich variety of topics in interdisciplinary manner through interactive forms of education: papers (lectures) with discussions, seminars, workshops, and round tables. Not only does it strengthen connection between philosophical investigations and other disciplines, and raises awareness of interdisciplinary nature of many scientific and social problems, the summer school also promotes stronger cooperation between higher-education institutions of Central and South-East Europe.

After its first and very successful summer school “The Role of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Research and the Encounter of European Societies” at the Institute of Philosophy in Graz July 12–18, 2021, the network now organizes its second summer school at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek July 12–18, 2023. The rich programme of the second summer school consists of ten papers and discussions, four seminars, one workshop, two round tables, and one invited lecture, which will be given by 15 university teachers from 8 European countries (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia). The general aim of this summer school is to further investigate the multifaceted relationship between philosophy and interdis- ciplinarity by discussing complex challenges of the Anthropocene from various perspectives, such as history of philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of technology and artificial intelligence, philosophy of language and cognitive linguistics, political philosophy, ethics and bioethics, philosophy of education and philosophical counselling.

This year’s summer school will hopefully deepen the existing collaboration between 12 participating universities of the CEEPUS network “Philosophy and Interdisciplinarity” whose representatives (students and teachers) take part in it, as well as establish new connections, and foster designing future joint projects.

Ljudevit Fran Ježić

Demian Papo