Ljetna škola za studente u Sloveniji

Summer school in Slovenia

European Society for Environmental History’s region Croatia–Serbia–Slovenia is organizing the summer school Environmental History and Historical Ecology of the Dinaric Karst. The school will be held in Slovenia, 25–30 September 2023. The school involves 21 lectures held by researchers (most of them delivered on the premises of the University of Ljubljana), students’ group work, visits to museums, the Karst Research Institute and the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, as well as three days of excursions to the Classical Karst, the famous intermittent Lake Cerknica and the karst of Bela Krajina. The school is free of charge for students from CEEPUS countries, i.e. countries from Poland in the north to Albania in the south and from Austria and the Czech Republic in the west to Bulgaria and Moldova in the east (https://www.ceepus.info/content/about).

Deadline for applications: 31 March.

Summer school Environmental History and Historical Ecology of the Dinaric Karst (PDF)